Bio Sound Therapy for Healing

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Bio Sound Therapy is available through Lion’s Gate Recovery & Counseling Services of Southern Utah LLC

This therapy introduces our clients to Sound Frequency Healing, Music Therapy, Guided Imagery and Biofeedback to achieve a meditative state for the purpose of receiving positive messaging and affirmations. The therapy session combines music, vibrations, and binaural beats to help our clients reach this goal.

Biosound therapy is an alternative form of healing that’s being used to help recovering addicts. It’s a very unique option for the treatment of substance abuse. Although it has taken quite some time, modern science has started to recognize the fact that energy makes up the entire blueprint of the human body. New technologies are being developed every day to help improve our body energy, and as a result, our overall health.

Sound technologies have been given much attention in recent years. Since sound produces energetic vibrations, these vibrations that have the potential to change the body’s energy blueprint. In other words, specific types of sound can be used to help individuals gain better well-being and health.

When exposed to different types of sound, human genes act in different ways. A number of addiction treatment centers have already started offering energy healing because they are seeing results that indicate it helps addicts on their way to lifelong recovery.

Sound treatment is frequently used to help patients manage their emotions and stress. In conjunction with guided imagery, music and frequency healing, this new therapy provides patients with biofeedback, which is extremely helpful for recovery.

What Is Sound Therapy?

Also known as bio sound therapy, this is a modality that helps patients learn various techniques that are used to obtain consistent heart rate patterns. It can even help recovering addicts with positive thoughts, focus, and deep breathing.

The main purpose of the therapy is to help individuals take back control of their emotional reactions and focus on quality of life, relationships, and health. It has been shown to be especially beneficial for individuals who suffer from trauma, stress, depression and anxiety.

How Does Bio Sound Healing Work?

Although it might sound like a complex subject, this form of therapy is actually quite easy to understand. The therapy helps individuals relax and enter into a meditative state. Many addiction treatment centers use something called a bio lounge, which is a vibrational platform.

It’s made with memory foam and features an integrated visual and audio delivery system. The actual therapy session might contain a mixture of guided imagery, sound frequency massage, music therapy and biofeedback.

Who Can Benefit from Biosound Healing and for What Conditions?

The good news is that virtually anyone can benefit from this alternative therapy, and there are many different subtypes of treatment. In many cases, the patient is allowed to decide what type of session they wish to have.

For individuals who suffer from muscle aches, anxiety, trauma or depression, a prerecorded session is usually a great way to get started. After the patient’s symptoms are understood, all applicable sessions can be recommended. The therapy can be used to treat a wide range of conditions, and many patients have been successfully treated for:

  • – Insomnia
  • – Self-Esteem
  • – Self-Confidence
  • – Smoking
  • – Motivation
  • – Weight loss
  • – Overcoming addiction
  • – Depression
  • – Anxiety
  • – Abuse
  • – Trauma
  • – Detoxification
  • – Sports performance

Although these conditions are commonly treated with biosound therapy, this is not even an exhaustive list of conditions that can be treated.

A Deeper Look into Sound Healing

During this alternative therapy session, sound frequencies are used as restorative tools for patients. The therapy helps to bring the mind and body into a higher state of well-being.

The sessions are designed to bring the patient into a state of relaxed harmony and improved health. There are several different ways to transmit therapeutic sound frequencies to patients. It can be transmitted via:

  • – The patient’s own voice.
  • – A combination of the patient’s voice mixed in with other voices.
  • – The patient’s voice while he or she is listening to music.
  • – The voices of others.
  • – One or more musical instruments.
  • – Music delivered from headphones or loudspeakers.

According to science, every organism has a unique vibratory rate. Here’s a fact that you may find interesting: every single object in the entire universe has a unique resonant frequency. If you’ve ever heard someone say the stars are singing to you, they’re actually telling the truth – stars have a unique vibration that can be translated to sound.

This fact can be proven by a simple tap on a wineglass. The size and shape of the glass determine the frequency of the sound produced by the tap. Similarly, the size and chemical make-up of a star, determines the frequency of its vibration and the sound it produces.

According to research, cells inside of the human body actually enjoy sound vibrations.

An interesting fact is that sound travels through glass at 12,500 MPH. It also travels rather quickly through water, and since the body is comprised of over 70 percent water, it conducts sound very well. Maybe you’re asking yourself what all of this means.

The Unexpected Power of Sound Therapy

Sound therapy is already being used in many mainstream medical treatments. For example, powerful sound waves are used to break apart stones in the gallbladder and kidneys. The piece of equipment that performs this revolutionary treatment is known as a lithotripter.

The machine attacks the stones for several hours with very specific sound frequencies. Some would almost consider this treatment magical because it doesn’t require traditional surgery with a scalpel and sutures, and can be completed within a couple of hours.

Once the stones have been pulverized, the body passes them through urine. Also called high-intensity focused ultrasound, HIFU is used by some clinics to treat prostate cancer because it’s capable of precisely targeting the cancer. When compared with radiotherapy and conventional surgery, HIFU causes significantly less damage to good tissues.

Every single cell, bone and organ in the human body has a specific resonant frequency. All of these different parts of the body work like an orchestra and produce a composite frequency, so if a single organ in the body is out of tune, it affects the entire body. By using certain sound frequencies as therapy to relax the mind and body, the body’s composite frequency can be brought back into harmony, alleviating physical and mental discomfort.

Sound Frequencies in Nature

Experiments show that nature always seeks the most efficient state possible. An example of this is a large group of birds that are migrating together. To save energy, the birds glide and flap their wings at the same time.

Another experiment involves placing several grandfather clocks together. After a few hours, the pendulum on every clock switched speeds to match the speeds of every other pendulum.

Some of the latest scientific research has linked certain sound frequencies to specific parts of the body. This means that certain frequencies can be used therapeutically to treat various disorders of human body parts. It’s easy to think of the body as a piano, with strings that can be tuned.

If a part of the body gets out of balance, it needs to be re-tuned. In much of today’s conventional medicine, an out-of-balance body part is usually drugged or ripped out of the body, and often it may not seem as if there is any other alternative. Some experts in the field believe that as the medical community sees more results from biosound therapy healing and similar techniques, they will start referring to medical conditions as out-of-balance piano strings and find more innovative ways to re-balance, rather than try to “remove and discard” problems.

The Healing Powers of the Human Voice

Oftentimes, the human voice isn’t given the credit it deserves. According to research, the human voice is capable of producing almost every known sound frequency. When the correct frequency is combined with the right intention, it results in healing.

Intention is actually a very important part of healing with sound. Every action performed by humans has unconscious or conscious intentions behind it. A great example of this concept in action is a mother singing her baby into a deep sleep.

During a sound treatment session, a person can actually use their own voice to send intentions of balance and harmony to their mind and body. The research concerning this type of therapy continues to pile up. According to some of the latest research, stress sounds in the voice correspond to different bodily imbalances, so by changing the pattern of our voice, we can change our brain wave frequencies and reduce the impact of illness.

By teaching people to consciously remove stress frequencies found within their voice, scientists expect that people will be able to treat their own pain, eye problems, emphysema, diabetes, high blood pressure and countless other conditions. The exciting news is that almost everyone has the power to tone their voice, and by doing so, can embark on a journey towards feelings of extreme well-being and wholeness.

In the meantime, if you aren’t sure that your voice is ready to carry all those healing vibrations, you can always start with a biosound therapy healing session. Listening to and feeling vibrations of well-being is a great way to learn how to bring yourself into a state of relaxed well-being.

How Singing and Healing Are Linked

When a person sings any note, harmonics are produced. There are several notes inside every note, and all of the notes within a note are mathematically related to the main note. Most people don’t even realize that harmonics exist.

People start to notice richer sounds in bathrooms and churches because certain acoustic spaces accentuate the harmonics. A lot of experts believe the ancients used pyramids and Stonehenge as healing chambers for this very reason.

Stringed instruments are believed to be especially useful for healing, which is why many biblical figures frequently play stringed instruments. Chanting, rhythm and drumming all have profound effects on the body. For example, drumming actually slows down brain rhythm and helps individuals experience trance-like states.

A rhythm of 64 beats per minute has the power to change a person’s brainwaves from beta to Alpha. Alpha brainwaves have been strongly associated with relaxed mental states. Music with a slower tempo has the power to slow breathing. Studies have also shown that the human heart tends to match the rhythm of music so many health benefits can be gained by listening to music that promotes healthy heart rates.

How Sound Therapy Ties into Addiction Treatment

This is how the power of sound is being used to help recovering addicts. During a treatment session, the patient lies down on a table. The table has been specifically designed to produce strong, but relaxing and pure sound vibrations.

According to studies, sound therapy is effective for reducing stress and treating a number of other conditions, which can be very beneficial for recovering addicts. On a cellular level, every part of the human body is affected by sound. The recovering addict doesn’t have to try and imagine a calm, relaxed state. They are assisted in finding this state of body and mind. From this place, they can gain a realistic perspective on life’s challenges and truly feel the hope that recovery offers. This type of internal motivation plays a huge part in a recovering addict’s ability to make healthy changes in their life.