Find the Right Cocaine Addiction Treatment

Finding the right cocaine addiction treatment is important. If you or your loved one is is suffering from a cocaine addiction get help as soon as possible. Cocaine is an illegal substance that excites the central nervous system and also suppresses appetite. There are many individuals who have developed an addiction to this drug, partly due to its availability. Even though the use of cocaine is illegal and sentencing can be strict, cocaine is still one of the most commonly used illegal drugs today.

Cocaine is a type of stimulant which mimics the actions of chemicals in the brain which affects neurotransmitters in the pleasure centers in the brain. It also affects adrenalin. It increases the heart rate as well as blood pressure. However, too much cocaine can lead to numerous psychological problems and affect emotions by causing paranoia, anger, panic, hallucinations and other mental health issues.

When selecting the right cocaine addiction treatment, there are several things that you should consider:

  • the severity of the symptoms
  • the damage it has caused
  • the level of addiction.

There are many symptoms of cocaine addiction including:

  • increase in appetite
  • heart palpitations
  • rapid breathing
  • excessive sweating
  • nausea
  • insomnia
  • irritability
  • feeling fearful
  • loss of energy
  • depression
  • cravings

These effects can last for weeks even after cocaine use has stopped.

There are some medications that can be used to treat cocaine addictions. Most of these medications or not available due to a lack of research. Currently, researchers are studying the effects of Selegiline in treating cocaine addiction. Disulfiram is is also being tested. Some doctors have found success using antidepressants to treat cocaine addiction because it helps with their mood as they experience withdrawal symptoms. Whenever medication is used to treat addiction it is important to do it under the supervision of medical professionals.

Current treatments may also include various assessments and interventions, counseling, and cognitive-behavioral treatment. There are many counseling professionals who are experts in addiction treatment.

Counseling treatment also helps the client effectively prevent, understand, and manage their addiction so that they can cope and avoid relapse. Typically, there are teams of professionals who are trained to treat cocaine addiction including physicians, nurses, counselors, psychiatrists, and other staff who can provide individualized care and services that help with recovery.

Finding the right provider for cocaine addiction treatment is important in order to make sure that you or your loved one can recover.