Experiential Therapy (Adventure Based Counseling): An Addiction Recovery Group Process


An Experienced-Based Addiction Recovery Group Therapy

An addiction recovery group doesn’t always have to focus on talk therapy. Adventure Based Counseling where a group of individuals LEARN BY DOING. The program is conducted outdoors where an extensive series of Experiential Activities are presented. Participating clients and staff spend the day at a specifically constructed site with qualified counselors/therapists trained in Social Work and Recreational Therapy in addition to Challenge Experiential Therapy.

Participants find themselves confronting a series of physical and emotional challenges designed to promote personal insight, self- confidence and self-worth, in connection with other issues. The challenges create an“environment of perceived risk” This is especially helpful in therapy relating to Drug Rehab and Alcohol Recovery.

This experiential method presents an alternative method of confronting issues in clients. Participants find it much easier to be honest with themselves and get in touch with deep-seated sources of fears, anxiety, anger and even blocked memories that can lie at the root of mental, emotional and behavioral dysfunction. There is continual feedback and processing during each activity so that Communication, Bonding, Trust and Problem Solving Skills can be evaluated and changed when appropriate.

Some of the Outdoor Adventure Experiences include:

  • Experience Co-operative problem-solving skills
  • Experience Introspection and the power of your“Real Self”
  • Experience new techniques in co-operative Communication
  • Experience heightened trust levels within yourself & the group.
  • Learn to recognize and be comfortable with feelings and emotions
  • Break through Barriers that have caused Dysfunction and Unhappiness in Life
  • Identify new individual & group resources as previously hidden talents emerge
  • Experience self-commitment by solving problems that initially appear unsolvable
  • Develop greater self-worth through discipline and obedience to correct principles
  • Learn while you have fun and retain 90% of what you learn. (The experiential approach)
  • Develop and Strengthen the Inter-relationships of the Members of the Group (Team Building)