Items To Bring To Lion’s Gate Recovery Drug Rehab Centers, Utah

Packing for a Visit to Our Drug Rehab Centers, Utah

Packing for Your Visit to Our Drug Rehab Centers, Utah


  • Clothes: Please limit the clothing and personal items you bring to our drug rehab centers, Utah, to what is needed for ONLY 10
    days. Example: 10 shirts, 10 pants, 4 pair of shoes (dress shoes, exercise shoes, comfortable
    shoes, slippers), underclothing, 1 jacket. Include outside wear. (Winter: coat, hat, gloves,
    warm boots, or summer wear according to current season), fingertip length shorts for
    exercise, which could also be used for any water activities. (no “short shorts”, tight fitting
    or compression type clothing). Laundry is done weekly.
  • Clothing appropriate for more formal occasions, i.e. Sunday Worship, or similar
  • A robe and/or lounging clothing (modest enough to be worn around other residents).
  • Personal Scriptures are encouraged.


  • All test results for Hepatitis B & C, HIV, and TB (Tuberculosis) These procedures should be completed prior to admittance into the facility. However, rather than delay an admission these procedures can be administered under the direction of our Medical Director during the first week of residency in the program. * Residents are responsible for the costs of these preadmission procedures
  • All medication should be brought in either their original container or in “Bubble Pack Packaging”, (See Picture Left) available at either Walgreen’s or Stapley Pharmacy here in St. George. Also, please indicate where you normally shop for prescriptions as well as, a list of any medication or food allergies.


  • ID with picture and proof of age.
  • Address, phone numbers, fax and email address of Self, emergency contact, family and other “family week” potential participants.
  • Treatment provider’s names: i.e. detox, hospital, outpatient mental health, substance abuse, medical.
  • Financial Responsible Party: Self, personal funds, immediate and/or extended family, insurance, ecclesiastical authority.
  • Legal: Court Orders including the name, phone numbers, physical and email addresses of any Judge, Attorney, Probation/Parole Officer, etc, involved in your situation.


  • Up to $100 in petty cash, sufficient for medical co-pays, prescriptions, commissary, and/or other incidental expenses. * These funds will be kept in thefacility safe and available to the resident when needed.
  • Hygiene: Due to OSHA & FEMA regulations, all allowable toiletries will be initially
    provided at no cost to each resident at intake. This “kit” will contain soaps, shampoo, conditioner, lotions, deodorant, shaving equipment, and feminine hygiene products. These items can be refilled through the commissary for a minimal fee.
  • Appropriate personal pictures (e.g., family).
  • No more than five (5) items of makeup.
  • No more than two (2) pieces of luggage.


  • Financially Responsible Party (FRP) must be present or have arranged payment beforehand. FRP should present Picture ID and pertinent information for financial paper work and be prepared to pay the arranged fee at the time of admission.
  • Please bring information for any third-party financial contacts, (i.e., financial institution,
    insurance, and clergy information).

What NOT to bring to our drug rehab centers, Utah:

  • Vehicle.
  • Credit Cards.
  • Butane Lighter.
  • Colognes, Perfumes, or Earrings.
  • Weapons or objects usable as such.
  • No offensive or drug-related words or symbols on clothing.
  • Cell phones, Computers, iPods, MP3’s, or any other electronics not specified.
  • Drugs, alcohol (including, e.g., cough syrup), or any form of paraphernalia.
  • Any item we consider to be inappropriate will be sent to your home, and not allowed at Lion’s Gate.

Other Ways to Prepare for a Successful Stay

In addition to packing everything you need to make you comfortable, you can begin preparing now for a successful stay. This includes things like thinking positively about your rehab experience and your success with the program, arranging your affairs to be handled while you are away, and letting your family and friends know what your plans are. For more ways to reduce your stress during and after a rehab program, read our article about preparing for a successful stay at a rehab center in St. George.

*Residents are responsible for the costs of these procedures, which are not included in the tuition. These procedures can be conducted prior to admittance to the facility or administered by our medical director during the first week of their program.