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Mormon Faith-Based Addiction Recovery (LDS)

Mormon Faith-Based Addiction Recovery (LDS)

Many people view addiction as a weakness and that it can be overcome by willpower. However many people in the church struggle with addiction. They feel trapped – that there is no way to overcome the drug or alcohol cravings they struggle with. The truth is addiction is a disease. Individuals who struggle with addiction need to get help in order to recover. It is also important to find a treatment center that aligns with your faith. Members of the church who struggle with addiction can seek help through LDS faith-based addiction recovery centers.

LDS Faith-Based Addiction Recovery programs provide ways to work on your addiction and also strengthen your faith. They help their clients through counseling treatment and also teach gospel principles. They also help the individual to recommit to sobriety and find forgiveness through the atonement of Jesus Christ. Just like other faith-based rehab centers, LDS Faith-Based Addiction Recovery offers an individualized faith-based treatment that is designed for members of the church. This recovery program promotes gospel principles as a 12-step recovery regimen that relies heavily on the help of our Father in Heaven. We believe that a return to gospel principles as well as individualized counseling methods are the most effective way to achieve recovery.

LDS Faith-Based Addiction Recovery enables every individual to realize their potential as a son or daughter of God. The treatment procedures will enable them to find their new life and help them overcome their addiction. The following are some of the faith-based recovery treatments for you or your loved one:

  • Clients will learn life skills to help them through their recovery.
  • They will learn how to improve their relationships with their loved ones.
  • They will learn important coping skills.
  • They will receive one-on-one counseling as well as group therapy.
  • They will receive constant supervision by counselors who truly care about their needs.

We view addiction as a “Family Disease.” Family members will learn how they can help their loved one through their recovery. Family members will also come to a better understanding of addiction and the role that they must play in their loved one’s recovery. LDS Faith-Based Addiction Recovery Centers offers gospel centered support which is designed to strengthen faith and help with the recovery.

If you or your loved one is struggling with addiction, LDS Faith-Based Addiction Recovery centers are here to help. You will get the spiritual support and the gospel centered treatment you need.


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