Neurologically Focused Treatment


We all have a friend or a loved one who has struggled with addiction. There may be times we have asked ourselves “what were they thinking?” Therein lies the question. We need to do a better job of understanding addiction. In Many ways, we CAN understand what they are thinking.

Addiction is a disease

Many people classify addiction as a moral weakness. They ask questions like “why can’t they just stop?” or “do they know what they are doing to their body, their health, and their families?” The first thing that we need to understand is that addiction is a disease. New science is clearly showing that it is a brain disease, and that through treatment it can be overcome. Through proper treatment we can reduce the death and suffering that comes from addiction.

When you go to the doctor with pain, they look at the organ that is causing the pain. If addiction is a brain disease doesn’t it make sense to look at the brain? How can you understand addiction unless you look?

What have we found by looking at the brain?

Simply put, when an individual struggles with addiction, the pleasure center of their brain has been hijacked. Drugs and alcohol affect dopamine, which is a neurotransmitter that relays information from one neuron to the next. Drugs and alcohol basically cause the release of unnatural amounts dopamine to pleasure centers of the brain. Dopamine can be released through behavior like drugs and alcohol use, gambling, codependency, pornography or other stimulating behavior. Drug and alcohol abuse is even more critical for youth, whose brains are still developing.

Talbot Recovery Solutions offers a specific neurological treatment process in our day-to- day curriculum to enhance successful and measurable outcomes with our clients we serve. We know that addiction is a brain disease. Our focus is to provide a treatment plan that looks at specific areas of the brain that have been affected by addiction. We also look for root neurological causes for the addiction. We begin the process by offering a Complete neurological assessment that include a detailed clinical assessment, medical history & physical, screening questionnaires and treatment planning.

Our Neurological Focused Treatment Includes:

  • • Specialized assessment and testing
  • • Targeted programming helping our clients understand how their addiction have negatively impacted their thought process, and have created thinking errors in many areas in their lives.
  • • Targeted assignments and therapy surrounding a neurological focus.
  • • Specialized supplements used to help repair neurological thought process.
  • • Specialized individual and family therapy addressing neurological problems surrounding addiction.
  • • Discharge planning and case management focused on follow-up to continue stabilizing neurological functioning.