Opiate Epidemic

Opiate Epidemic

Posted August 22, 2017 by Chris Clayton

Opiates, opioids, black, heroin, dope…doctor. These all are common expressions of the opioid epidemic that is sweeping the nation by storm. How one goes about procuring their drug of choice makes no difference as opiates begin to take hold with chemical dependency—slowly, progressively, nurture impacting nature and the disease of addiction settles in. No matter the means of ingestion, route of collection or socioeconomic status the disease of addiction knows no bounds and is destroying: loved ones, brothers, sisters, moms, dads, new born babies, friends, colleagues and the list continues just as the opiate epidemic does.

The opiate epidemic surrounds us, wholly as a community but more importantly as a way of living. In the news, articles infiltrate our senses with doctors overprescribing opiates, heroin dealers busted, the War on Drugs, manufacturing of synthetic substances, overdose deaths…should I continue? For those of you reading this, you know all too well…the feelings associated, the hurt contained within, and the overall pain of knowing things could have been different. St. George is no different in this plaguing issue and knowing what to do is a challenge as there is much going on—Lions Gate Recovery can help!

A simple Google search of—opioid epidemic—yields numerous pages of content…if your location is set on your phone or computer you may see Utah’s Opioid Epidemic: Who’s to Blame? Prescription medication of the opiate family, prescribed for pain, are used and abused and, of those taking such medication, some will be impacted and cross the threshold into addiction, begin using heroin or other black-market opiates, and rapidly create a life of destruction.

Of those beginning with heroin, you say…nothing different is there? That may take us to another entry where that is explored, however, the disease of addiction is not any different as it is destructive in any form. Methamphetamine, alcohol, marijuana, benzodiazepines, cocaine—of course these in no certain order—present with their own set of unique qualities; however, they all wreck lives, destroy bodies, and mental incarceration becomes the life expected.

Physiology, psychology, sociology, spirituality all influence the pathways for chemical dependency, addiction, and one’s ability to interact in their life…they also are a means to recovery. Addiction is Addiction—a common saying within the culture of recovery—is something we at Lions Gate Recovery work with on a daily basis. With a cultivation of knowledge, treatment, and understanding of self we can help you or your loved one abstain from substance.

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