A Premier Utah Addiction Center: Amen Clinic & SPECT Study

Utah Addiction Center: Amen Clinic

Lion’s Gate Recovery is an accredited affiliate educational member of the prestigious Amen Clinics. The Amen Clinics is a state-of-the-art Utah addiction center. Under the direction of Dr. Daniel Amen, their methods have proven to be highly effective, helping people of all ages improve their brain health and thus lead healthier lives. The Amen Solution success rate is extremely high as they consistently use detailed histories, plus evaluations, plus brain SPECT imaging to better target treatment.

SPECT Imaging

We are very pleased to now be able to assist in offering these services to our clientele. When an individual is faced with their own abnormal brain SPECT image, it will be more difficult for them to remain in denial. The effects of drug abuse are detected by SPECT, so that patients can see how their drug use has damaged their own brain function. SPECT has also shown to be effective in helping to evaluate the presence of other neuropsychiatric illnesses (i.e. head/ brain trauma or toxic environments) or other problems that contribute to drug abuse.

The Amen Clinics use cutting edge technology of the brain SPECT scan in conjunction with the dietary supplements (Nutraceutical solutions) to achieve remarkable results with their patients, especially over previous, less effective methods of rehabilitation. This remarkable technology allows, for the first time, not only more thorough psychiatric treatment of a patient’s mental state, it also allows for the actual physical treatment of the brain.

A SPECT scan can provide a better understanding of the underlying effects that abuse and addiction have on the brain and help guide appropriate treatment. The Amen Clinic practitioners study their outcomes with patients and show very high success rates. 78% of clients who complete their 6-month follow-up show high levels of improvement. For those who are highly compliant, these rates increase to over 85%. This becomes very exciting considering that many clients at our Utah addiction center have often failed other treatments.

SPECT Scans Show You The Scary Truth About What Drugs Have Done To Your Brain

SPECT Scan of Normal BrainEverything you consume, from oxygen to vodka, and from Coca Cola to cocaine, leaves some form of an impression on your brain. The impressions that different substances leave on your brain can vary by quite a margin. Some substances, such as beer, wine and spirits, narcotics, nicotine and even caffeine can cause serious neurological problems. SPECT scans (single photon emission computed topography) can offer doctors the chance to see how different substances affect the brain. A SPECT scan is basically a radioisotope-enhanced CAT scan that measures regional blood flow in the brain. In other words, it gives you a picture of the brain that shows you where the blood is… and where it’s not. A lack of blood to certain areas of the brain can be indicative of trauma or other damage. Taking a look at the brain using a SPECT scan can provide a shocking picture of the damaging effects of alcohol and drug abuse. Can you imagine what your reaction would be if you saw a picture showing that a certain behavior of yours was causing serious brain damage? As a general rule, it can be very difficult to break through to addicts and make them understand the ramifications of what they are doing to themselves. The image provided by the SPECT scan gives them incontrovertible proof of their poor decision making. It’s tough to argue with or rationalize away a picture of your own drug-addled brain.

The Profound Differences In Brain Topography Between Addicts and Healthy Individuals

The way that drugs damage each brain can vary depending upon the substances abused and the quantity of time that drugs were being consumed. The general appearance of neurological damage is that of a rocky, jagged seafloor. It bears little resemblance to the smooth shape of a healthy brain. Shadows across the cortical surface indicate areas that blood is not reaching. Healthy blood flow delivers vital oxygen to the brain. Without oxygen, neurons start to die. Dr. Daniel Amen is the foremost psychiatrist using SPECT scans to radically transform our understanding of the brain and how we approach treatment for a variety of issues. SPECT scans have been embraced by the treatment community as an aid to providing a more accurate diagnosis so that the best course of treatment can be pursued. Dr. Daniel Amen has devoted his practice to utilizing SPECT scans to improve the outcomes of his patients. Dr. Amen’s treatment philosophy operates from the understanding that a SPECT scan of the brain provides a mirror image of the withering will and deteriorating soul of the addict.

Hope Through Better Understanding

Brain of a 38 Year Old that Abused AlcoholSPECT scans offer hope to those who have abused drugs as well as those suffering from other psychiatric issues. In many cases, scans taken after a period of sobriety show incredible improvements. It was long thought that the brain did not create new neurons, but recent research has revealed that even in the cerebral cortex, the most complex part of the brain, neural regeneration is robust. Addicts who stop their behavior, and receive the right treatment, can return to neurological health due to customized treatments enabled by a detailed picture of the brain. We are our brains. Our memories form the basis of our personalities and our attitudes. If we cause damage to our brains and fail to repair that damage, we have diminished ourselves in a calculable way. With enough damage, we may even seem to be an entirely different person. When people who have gone through recovery, they often say that they feel that a fog has been lifted. That feeling of clarity that arrives to the newly sober is the confluence of several factors, notably, the beginning of the brain’s self-repair.

A Medical Approach To Understanding the Brain Should Not Be A Novel Idea

Too often, psychiatry is treated as separate from the rest of medicine. By incorporating SPECT scans, what we reveal is that the brain is the center of the universe in terms of mental health issues, mood disorders and addictive behaviors. You wouldn’t visit a cardiac surgeon who only had a pretty good idea of what was going on in your heart. Similarly, you should make sure that your psychiatrist knows what’s going on physiologically with your brain. Heroin and Methadone AbuseA 2012 study that appeared in the Journal of Psychoactive Drugs presented some data that confirms the vital necessity of SPECT scans in the treatment of addiction and other mental health issues. The psychiatrists participating in their study opted to change their diagnosis and course of treatment 79% of the time after viewing a SPECT scan of their patient’s brain. It’s like the difference between driving to an unknown destination with or without a map. Which one would you prefer? Because SPECT scans provide neuroimaging data that allows doctors to pinpoint the physiological evidence of emotional issues, cognitive disorders and behavioral problems, doctors can have access to the best possible information when they are making decisions about the most effective route for treatment. The idea that a picture of the brain could tell therapists, other doctors, and even provide visual evidence to ourselves, that addiction, depression and other issues are causing brain damage, gives us a revolutionary insight into the medical condition of brain health. Therapists have a powerful tool in the battle against addictions and other issues which cause pain and dissatisfaction with one’s life. With customized treatment, patients have the opportunity to change their lives by reclaiming their brain health.

Amen Clinic Brain Envy

rehab centers in UtahOne of the major problems therapists face is helping their clients understand that they need treatment. After observing the behavior of several of our client/patients who have chosen to obtain a SPECT scan at the Amen Clinic, We are impressed with the increased amount of compliance to a recovery regimen that these individuals exhibit. When an individual observes their own brain pattern, and/or views the damage their lifestyle habits have caused, there is a definite awakening that takes place. Rather than feeling depression, guilt or sorrow as to how they abused their brain, we have observed an excitement that the patient exhibits when they gain an understanding that their brain is repairable. They exhibit “Brain Envy.” In other words, they want a better brain. Showing before and after scans of other individual’s brain, which have had similar problems, prompts a motivation that is lacking in other treatment modalities. When the client realizes and understands that this damage does not have to be permanent, The client’s adherence to following a brain healthy lifestyle ”goes through the roof.” Part of the treatment is showing the clients pictures of their own brain to help them realize that their lifestyle is part of the problem. It is important for clients at our Utah addiction center, Lion’s Gate Recovery, to understand that these deficiencies are repairable.

It is important for the client to understand that these deficiencies are repairable. Some of These Issues and/or Lifestyle Choices Include:

  • Toxic substance use
  • Living in a toxic environment
  • An overuse of prescription medication
  • Untreated sleep apnea
  • ADHD, or ADD
  • Excessive anxiety
  • Lingering depression
  • A previous head injury

These are only some of the issues that can be successfully treated through a brain healthy program and lifestyle.

The good news in short:

  • “Brain Envy”creates compliance with treatment.
  • In many cases, the brain can be rehabilitated.
  • Once you know what areas of your brain are in need of support, you can target treatment (Based on your brain).

Nutraceutical Solutions

Nutraceutical solutions are a critical component, not only for physical brain health, but for recovery from addiction, as well as for overall improved health. The supplements we recommend, specifically formulated by Dr Daniel Amen, contain specially selected and balanced nutritional ingredients (specific to brain health) to ensure optimal support for total health and wellness. The supplements have shown to be effective, even if the client never obtains a scan. At Lion’s Gate Recovery, we strongly encourage our clients to start with a regime of these dietary supplements providing superior nutritional support for the brain and body. We offer the:

  • Brain Power Basic 3. These supplements are produced by the prestigious Amen Clinic and have been thoroughly researched by our staff. These supplements are superior to those found via Wal-Mart or similar chain stores and can be purchased via the Amen Clinic for $198.00. Go to talbotrehab.com for a 15% discount ($170.00) or at the time of admission in St. George, Utah. Our research has determined that other branded nutritional supplements do not meet the specific benefits equal to those available from the Amen Clinic. The Basic 3 include;
    1. NeuroVite Plus: A pharmaceutical-grade vitamin & mineral supplement, with brain healthy products too numerous to mention here.
    2. Omega-3 Power: Supports healthy brain, heart, skin and hair function.
    3. Brain & Memory Power Boost: Beneficial for memory, improved cognitive clarity, sharper mental focus, and improved general well-being.
    Additional supplements are available