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Our Recovery Approach

Physical Recovery

We approach physical recovery by offering a exercise and nutrition program. We also experience the outdoors through adventure based counseling.

Social Recovery

We offer community of recovery. We provide support through group therapy and counseling. We help to develop social and life skills. Or goal is to help you reconnect with your family.

Psychological Recovery

We have a trained, professional staff who offer counseling services. We focus on understanding the root cause of the addiction and providing a individualized treatment plan.

Spiritual Recovery

Spirituality is an important part of recovery. We help our clients explore their recovery from a spiritual perspective in a safe, non-judgmental environment.

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Josh Campbell

Operations Director

Kelly Cluff


Stacy Parenti


Aaron Ward

CMHC, CUDC - Clinical Director

Carolyn Osmanski

Utilization Review Manager

Adon Pearson

PA - Medical Director

Travis Ashby

Residential House Manager

Karen Fink

CMHC - Residential Therapist

Jamie Quarnberg

CUDC Residential Counselor

Taunya Bronson

CDUC - Outpatient Counselor

Chris Clayton

CMHC SSW - Outpatient Therapist

Latest news

What is Addiction…Do We Know?

by Chris Clayton

Addiction, in today’s society, has come to mean many things…addiction to chocolate, Netflix, Hulu, soda, and the many many things that we can become “addicted” to. But was is addiction? There has been, and still exists today, two main camps on what addiction is: a moral degradation of the soul and disease. Most frequently, chemical… Read more »

Opiate Epidemic

by Chris Clayton

Opiates, opioids, black, heroin, dope…doctor. These all are common expressions of the opioid epidemic that is sweeping the nation by storm. How one goes about procuring their drug of choice makes no difference as opiates begin to take hold with chemical dependency—slowly, progressively, nurture impacting nature and the disease of addiction settles in. No matter… Read more »

Common Stages in Addiction Recovery

by Christian Smith

One of the most common questions we get from patients and their families is “how long does it take?” Many residential treatment programs range from 20 days to a month. Withdrawal usually takes 8-14 days. However, addiction recovery encompasses a lot more than either of those periods.